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Hawkesbury Family Services

(Funded by NSW Department of Community Services)

Hawkesbury Community Family Services seeks to support disadvantaged and vulnerable families to ensure that their children have a great start to life.
Strengthening the capacity of families to support children is a vital part of our role within the community.
We assist parents to recognise and build on their strengths and provide support around children’s developmental, educational and nutritional needs.
During 2008 HFS provided support to a total of 91 families and individuals.


Chaplaincy Projects: Windsor Park Primary & Windsor High

Chaplains play a valuable role, not only by offering religious and ethical guidance, but also by helping students explore the spiritual dimensions of life and assisting them to deal with personal issues.
Chaplains also support the wider school community i.e. helping school counsellors and staff in offering welfare services and support incases of bereavement, family breakdown or other crisis and loss situations.


Healthy Active Australia Project: Windsor High & Richmond High

The project comprises:

Breakfast Programme providing high school students with a balanced, healthy and nutritious breakfast

Lunchtime Programme providing high school students with the opportunity to experience health and exercise in action; and

School Holiday Programme providing access to a holiday program that focuses on a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The project is designed to address the decreasing health status of young people in the Hawkesbury region through establishing healthy patterns for life, through various programs that seek to address the contributing factors such as lack of enjoyment, boredom and inactivity.


Emergency Relief

The Hawkesbury Community Services Emergency Relief Programme assists individuals or families in immediate financial crisis by providing short term emergency or material assistance and/or referring customers to other services; by appointment each Friday.

To book a time call HCS on 0245 878 091. You’ll need to bring certain items with you when you come in and these will be explained to you when booking an appointment. When you come in, you’ll be able to meet with one of our staff who will provide you with the best solution for your situation. We’re close to public transport and are easily accessible by those with a disability.


Op Shop

Located on East Market Street Richmond, Hawkesbury Community Services owns and operates a pre-loved clothing Op Shop. Always full of the latest bargains for all ages it is the best place to pick up affordable and quality clothing at a fraction of the price you would anywhere else. Located in the Arcade on East Market Street Richmond, Hawkesbury Community Services Op Shop not only helps others find great clothes – it also helps to fund the work of Hawesbury Community Services. Clothing Donations always welcome!

Breaking News – Op Shop has complete make over. For more details click here.


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